John Marsh Photography, Wedding Photographer Greenville SC

Thank you for visiting my photography website. I am a wedding photographer  in Greenville SC. I absolutely love to shoot weddings because it allows me the chance to capture moments in a fun and creative way. I enjoy the interaction with people and collaborating with my clients to create amazing images that they will cherish for a for the rest of their lives.

Photography has been a major part of my life for several years. I studied photography, painting, and graphic design during my time in college. In addition to my work  behind the camera, I still have a passion for both painting and graphic design. Prior to working as a professional photographer, I worked as a graphic design for several years. I also still make time to work on another passion of mine, painting. My background with these other mediums has shaped my approach with photography. It also has influenced my post production techniques when editing my photographs.

I have made some great friends since the time I began working as a professional photographer. I am very fortunate to share incredible memories with my clients. Please contact me if you have any questions about my photography services.

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